HC2's photo shoot May 2003

. . . hey, who didn't get the memo about black shoes & jeans???

photo credit Kathy Oman



Worthwhile Music-Related Organizations :

Victory Music:   http://victorymusic.org

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (PSGW):   http://www.langston.com/PSGW/

Experience Music Project (EMP):   http://www.emplive.com

VH1 Save The Music:   http://www.vh1.com/partners/save_the_music/

Your Local Schools -- volunteer!

Hospitals -- volunteer; play music for them!

HC2 Second Cousins and other fellow musicians (* = on our CD)

Shannon Beck:   http://www.shannonbeck.com

David Lange and David Lange Studios:   http://www.davidlangestudios.com/

Doug Benecke*

Casey Garland*

Dan Keusal:   http://www.dankeusal.com

Joe Misiuda*

Jim "The Emergency Folksinger" Nason   http://www.emeraldcityjugband.com/jimbio.htm

Matt Price:   http://www.notechoice.com

Deb Seymour:   http://www.debseymour.com

Stanislove:   http://www.stanislove.com

Willow Stone Treeland*

Brendan Wires:   http://www.brendanwires.com


Kathy Oman:   http://www.kathyoman.com

Steve Jacobs:   stevjac@musician.org