HC2 lives! Even though two of the original members have left, Heartland Country Choir still exists... we occasionally get together to play, and we may be adding to the complement of players to continue gigging as Heartland Country Choir.


It was Hawaiian-themed attire!

photo credit Kathy Oman






Paul Carr is working on prose and poetry, as well as collaborating on various musical endeavors.

Karla Oman is hard at work on new songs for the CD she'll record in 2006 or 2007.

Alex Perlman's CD, "Read Between The Lines", was released December 11, 2004. He can be found playing with West Coastal Folk in the Pacific Northwest.

Mike Pryor is writing songs and performing at one-man shows around the Puget Sound.

All of them frequent (some occasionally, some all the time ) Victory Music open mics (see Links).